The Least Lovable

Someone once posted in a response on Facebook… “You like helping people. It’s like me helping with the girls’ basketball team.” That got me to thinking about the different ways we help others.

It does seem much easier to help those who are still young, at the very beginning of those opportunities to make life changing decisions, i.e. mistakes. I like those chances too. I always loved being in the classrooms of my children and now grandchildren. It brought joy to my heart to see and hear the laughter in their voices as they shared their visions and plans for the future. How I hoped and prayed that it would always be so simple.

But, given my own childhood, I knew life was never as it seemed to the outside world. Many of these same children were dealing with borderline poverty, familial alcohol and/or drug abuse and for some – even physical abuse of either themselves or a parent.  But, like me, they had learned to hide the evidence and never show the signs to the outside world.

For others, life was good until they met the outside world for the very first time and it was not as expected. So, a mistake here or there and they ended up where they never thought possible… prison, rehab centers, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters or on the streets.

That is where I have found many interesting individuals the last few years. But, they are harder to help because we now add the shadow of “blame” to their resume. A decision is cast as to their worthiness of assistance.

Imagine if God held “His/Her” children to the same standard. How many of us would pass the muster? How many of us have never done anything that required making amends to someone at one time or another; choosing instead to bypass that step.

I have no answers to the “least loveable” in our midst. I only know “I” am known to many as the least loveable and my prayer is always for forgiveness.

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