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796401d01afe0a64f854495d90cdbdb4I’m always somewhat taken aback when I see a post from individuals upset at what people post on THEIR Facebook pages. Now, I truly understand the desire to see life as children, kittens, food, and family vacation photos, but that’s only part of the picture. And, I truly understand not liking the pictures other individuals paint of the world in which we live. It can be different than the one we are personally living. It can be less than what we imagined it should be. Let’s face it, our world can be downright ugly sometimes. You are not alone in the despair and sometimes downright hate at what you see and read on Facebook, particularly during the silly political season. But, I have learned a very valuable lesson along the way. You can accept people for who they are flaws and all, unfollow them or unfriend them. I have adopted all of the above. My nearest and dearest friends and family have disappointed me on the deepest levels over the years for many reasons. In spite of trying to share my thoughts and feelings gleaned by the knowledge I have amassed by the many pairs of shoes I have occupied over the years, some folks are just not interested, can’t see what I have seen or just don’t believe what I am sharing. It has forced me to make some difficult choices along the way. I have had to let some of those folks go I and my life is better for it. There is certainly much less stress in my life which makes my son happier. Now, understand I by no means consider myself innocent in these transactions. Other folks certainly have the same feelings about me so I stand convicted and I am fine with their decision.

Facebook is a wonderful vehicle for connecting folks, friend and foe alike. Communication is never a bad thing. This interface can be a force of great change in the world and politics is part of that change. Activists have used it as an effective call to action tool like none we have ever seen before. The Arab Spring might never have happened without Facebook. Now, whether the outcome of that effort is positive or not, only time will tell. Perhaps, it is our comfort and complacency here in the States that allows us to poo poo political posts, whether positive or negative, for or against your candidate or cause of choice. We are comfortable in our knowledge that “it can never happen here.” I propose that we cannot be so sure. When so few people bother to vote and/or get involved in the political process, we open ourselves up to any new circus in town with a ringmaster capable of telling a good story and with fingers crossed promises never to deliver or worse yet promises distorted!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is I will continue to use MY Facebook page as I choose. I will post pictures of my family, my pets, food porn, vacations and YES, political posts…because that is who I am. You certainly have the take it or leave it option and I am okay with your choice.

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