Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Sandra Kay. For the first time in my 62 years I can offer that greeting with all of the love mothers deserve on their special day. I have accepted both your shortcomings as a mother and my shortcomings as a daughter. Or, maybe it’s my own shortcomings as a mother. It could be that enough time has passed to allow for the metamorphosis. No matter the why, I know I find myself repeating long forgotten advice and wondering less and less where we went off track and increasingly how more like you I have become. I have made peace with our history

Anyway, to all the mamas out there whose relationships may not be Hallmark material, hang in there. My prayer is that you are blessed with reconciliation while your mother is still around. With resolution, come fewer days of regret and mourning and more days of joy and laughter.

This holiday, take a long look in the mirror…see anything familiar? Try repairing a couple of cracks and wipe away a few smudges, fingerprints and tears. You might just find the view becomes clearer. I know I did!

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