Mordecai’s First Grade Wrap-up Interview

Mordecai SoccerWhat is your favorite subject?


What is the best part of the school day?


Who are your friends?

Dawson, Carlos, Jack, Ethan, Andrew, Jacob, Paul, Madeline, Laura, Melina

What is something you learned in science?

How to grow a flower.

What is something you learned in math?

How to subtract.

What is something you wrote?

How I can’t keep secrets.

What is your favorite art project?

I made a dog.

What is your favorite book?


What food do you like to eat at lunch?

Peanut butter and jelly and sometimes pizza.

What is your favorite thing to do after school?

Play outside

What do you like about your teacher, Mrs. Jackson?

She taught me how to read.

What do you want to do this summer?

I want to do homework.


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