Knocked Down, But Not Out

Surprise, epiphany, revelation…a real eye-opener to say the least. That’s what I experienced last week. You think you are tucked in “your” place sheltered from storms; among folks you consider family and you find out your perceptions are all wrong. Suddenly, you are faced with the reality that people you believed to be part of your support system are actually working to erode your foundation. That groundwork is not built on rock after all. It’s only sinking sand.

At the moment, I am resting with this new knowledge. I’m trying not to let my ego or emotions rule my decisions. I am choosing to sit in the dark searching for any flicker of light that may be off in the distance. I am content to wait for that small voice to provide direction. I know I will hear it if I will just “be still.”

As I look in a mirror, I can honestly admit that perfection is NOT PRESENT in the reflection (say that three times). I work every single day to be better than the day before. Some days I am successful. Some days I am a failure. Isn’t that the way for all of us? Oh, well. If it’s one thing I Down Not Outhave learned, it’s that “life hurts” and “it’s not always fair.”

So, lesson learned, prayers and soul searching in the works. Whatever happens next I haven’t a clue. I’ve been knocked down so many times I’m surprised the referee hasn’t reached the 10 count and called the bout. As I shared with a friend, there must be another path for me and time will tell where it leads. In the meantime, I’ll pick myself up and “keep moving” as my husband would say because there are so many good things in my life too. And, I won’t let anyone take those blessings from me!

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