I See You…

  • Black man in the flag shirt at the gas station looking for a ride.
  • Single mom calling with FIVE children at the motel needing money for another night
  • Couple at the soup kitchen with the special needs child now living in your van
  • Homeless veteran who can no longer work due to a back injury on your last construction job and still have not been approved for disability.
  • Pretty girl at the winter homeless shelter who cannot go back home because your parents do not approve of him.
  • Kenny and your drawings as you never seem able to shut off your racing mind and must keep busy.
  • Thirty something mother of three girls making it on your own after years mental and physical abuse.
  • Middle aged man with a dog at my exit flying a sign asking for any amount of money and wishing me God’s Blessings.
  • Young girl abused at a young age and physically assaulted twice before you were 30.
  • Mom of two teenage girls left widowed at an early age as a result of a horrible disease.
  • Friend mentally abused a lifetime by her mother, yet perseveres with compassion and grace to all she meets.
  • Father of two girls who gets up every day and goes to work to provide for his family. At the same time is a doting daddy.
  • A spouse who sacrificed his happiness to keep promises made on his wedding day.
  • Women who lost her child before she had a chance to live…never even knowing your name.
  • Mother who gave birth and lost her child so early in life…all the possibilities with her.
  • Mother, who guards, cares and loves her special needs child 24/7/365.
  • Pastor doing the best you can to bridge multiple divides in your congregation.
  • Older woman walking in the heat who graciously accepted a ride.
  • Homeless children at the shelter sharing your favorite subjects at your new schools…making the best of a changing situation.



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