Bad Diva!

Confession Time: A couple of weeks ago, a paper came home from Mordecai’s school requesting treat donations for today’s Halloween party at school.  As Ashley is working later hours with her new position at work, I offered to bring the cupcakes for the party. Getting ready to call the bakery to place my order, I ask Mordecai what kind of cupcakes he would like and without skipping a beat he raised both hands in the air and replied, “make an effort, would ya.” Well, I thought picking up my cell phone was enough… I was wrong.

Slime CupcakesScouring Pinterest, we came upon “Slime Filled Cupcakes with Swamp Scum Frosting.”  This sounded “just right” for second grade. Never having made these before, a dry run seemed like a good idea and was scheduled two days before the party… good thing. The cupcakes came out of the oven in two very different batches. One batch sure looked like cupcakes. But, as everyone knows, looks can be deceiving – they were actually hollow. The other batch just spread out all over the pan, into the oven… well, you get the picture. Soooo, so much for the cupcakes from scratch. Mordecai and I decided on just plain white cupcakes from a box, BUT, with the slime filling.The day before the party, the cupcakes from a box were baked and Papaw and Mordecai’s mother piped in the slime and added the Swamp Scum, aka green crème cheese frosting.

The day of the party, I dressed in one of my witch costumes and delivered the cupcakes for the afternoon party. But, not feeling up to par, I left as the costume party was going on. When Mordecai got home, I ask for a cupcake report. Here’s what I got…

On a scale of 1-10, my Slime Filled Cupcakes with Swamp Scum Frosting received a 6. Even he didn’t eat the cupcake I went to great effort to make for his party. The other kids in the class “took them home” he told me. I think he was trying to spare my feelings in not telling me they actually ended up in the trash. When I ask why, he told me he really didn’t know; he said he told his classmates the cupcakes were filled with slime. I’m wondering if he explained it was “eatable slime.” There is a difference you know. I ask Mordecai if next time I could just call the bakery and order cupcakes and he said NO… you’re not a slacker!

Okay, so I’m not a slacker. But, I did flunk cupcakes at a 2nd grade Halloween party. Bad Diva!

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