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Thoughts From the Rabbit Hole

Events in my country these last days only reinforce my desire to leave. I haven’t a clue where in the world I would go. I’m not sure there is any place for someone as odd as myself. I only know … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Beauty

Moms. We ALL have them. And, we ALL love and hate them at the same time. Well, maybe ALL is a bit of an overstatement. Maybe, only I loved and hated my mother. Anyway, this is a note about mothers … Continue reading

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My Dear Sweet Mordecai

We have just returned from a two week road trip to Maine. What was planned as an opportunity to share another part of the country with you became a going away party that I don’t want to happen. We managed … Continue reading

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Our current military should indeed serve to “defend the United States”. That means keep ‘em home and defend our cities, our borders and our infrastructure. How about we stay the hell out of other people’s business. Maybe, just maybe, then … Continue reading

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War on Christmas

This week, Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ into the world. Once again we are invited to see The Christ join us in the mud and the muck of the human world we live. And, every year I find … Continue reading

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Spare Me the Fake Outrage

Okay, I can’t help myself any longer. This domestic violence business with the NFL has me pissed off. I grew up in a house where slapping the woman around was the norm and no one, I mean no one gave … Continue reading

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Amen and Amen

The World is Coming to an End (a video I do not want to forget) Click on the word “post” Post by Prince Ea.

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And, the Winner Is…

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Pastor and I have been exploring films with spiritual leanings this summer during our Bible time together at work. It has been an amazing journey. Anyway, the Hubs and I just finished … Continue reading

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Holy Listening

When I took my current job at the church, the Pastor and I agreed that prayer, etc. was going to be part of our weekly routine. This summer, we chose to continue that practice in a slightly different way. We … Continue reading

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I Was Challenged!

Sherry, a friend of mine, challenged me to post 3 positive things each day for seven days on Facebook. I did that! But, I decided to add them ALL here so I could more readily be reminded from time to time. Day … Continue reading

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