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To learn more about how to make money on Amazon, check out How to Sell on Amazon: A 7-Step Beginner's Guide. If you're selling product bundles, make sure you have everything tightly integrated so you can account for inventory on Amazon, your Shopify site, and anywhere else you sell. For example, if you sell out of one of the products in the bundle, you'll want to make sure customers aren't still able to purchase the bundle.

The first step in automating feedback requests is to have an app like eDesk Feedback do it for you. While you could rely on Amazon to send out occasional messages on your behalf, you'd be losing out because you wouldn't be able to control the time, consistency or tone of the emails. Ask for What You Want

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Similar to the note above, due to the volatility of their store, Amazon doesn't like affiliate publishers using "static" versions of their star ratings or product reviews. These are available to use if you are using a "dynamic" source, specifically Amazon's PA API or a tool that takes advantage of it. A quick note on the "Call to Action." A CTA is the phrase you use to encourage your readers to take action, click on your affiliate link, and move through the buying process. Experimenting with your CTAs can lead to an incremental increase in conversion rates, but it's something you need to also be careful with!